I’m Humberto da Silva, a freelance graphic designer in Barcelona, with more than 20 years of experience

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I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer

I do Branding, UX/UI, Packaging, Graphic Communication, Illustration, Editorial Design, and Web Design projects…

…with more than 20 years designing experiences

between customers, users and brands.
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Portfolio of projects for agencies and clients in Spain, UK, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, China…

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UX UI Web Design

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The occult life of René Descartes

The Occult Renaissance

School of Music

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Swimming Mascot illustration

Services I offer

as a freelance graphic designer in Barcelona and in London

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UX/UI & Web design

User experience is also a part of Branding. Under this premise, I design websites, online stores, mobile apps or interfaces for other digital products.
I create interactive design solutions that enhance the brand experience and strengthen the link between it and its customers or users.
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In a store, dozens of products compete for the attention of customers. They have a few seconds to catch their attention.
An effective packaging design must convey to the customer an emotional experience where all their needs and aspirations are met.
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servicios branding


Branding is the ideation and definition of the values of a brand. It is the creation of graphic and visual elements that establish emotional links between a brand and its target audience.
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Online/offline communication

Only a well-executed communication strategy can establish real links between our brand and its customers.
A brand needs us to be able to create communication assets, both online and offline, that fully convey its values.
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servicios editorial

Editorial design

Editorial design can be a powerful tool to promote brands.
A museum, a foundation or a town hall must convey a recognizable identity in society and establish two-way communication channels with its target audience.
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Illustrations are a powerful communication tool that can establish very deep channels of contact with our users and consumers.
Icons, graphic symbols or mascots enhance branding, making our brand even more recognizable.
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Member of the Col·legi Oficial de Disseny Gràfic de Catalunya
Collegiate number 500

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