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For the YANTARTE project we define an image clearly aimed at sophistication and the transmutation of moments, which we call Yantarte Moments.

From the definition of branding to the elements of communication and social networks, we proposed a central idea that would unequivocally convey that Yantarte not only offers a range of carefully selected products, but also an experience capable of making those moments of consumption in the company of our friends and family are memorable: the Yantarte Moments.

YantarteThe art of good eating

Experiences that revolve around food but that go much further. Understand food as one of those special moments in our lives, in which we can disconnect and enjoy the company of our friends or family.

YantarteThe art of enjoying

Our senses give us access to delicious and enormously diverse information, and everything counts, everything contributes: taste, of course, but also smell and sight, and even hearing and touch.

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