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Branding is the ideation and definition of the values ​​of a brand. It is the creation of graphic and visual elements to establish emotional links between a brand and its target audience.

The DNA of a brand establishes its visual identity, aspirational values, sensations and meeting points with its consumers and/or users.


SportekHUB is a startup accelerator created by the Basque Government whose mission is to promote the competitive sports industry.

Zinkup Marketing entrusted me with its brand change in which we bet on certain visuals linked to concepts of demand, excellence and technology, with elements and lines that not only speak to us of sport as a competition but also as a show, as a test bench and as an experience.

diseños branding sportek hub
diseño branding


For the Yantarte project, we defined an image clearly aimed at sophistication and the transmutation of moments, which we call Yantarte Moments.

From the definition of branding to the elements of communication and social networks, we proposed a central idea that would unequivocally convey that Yantarte not only offers a range of carefully selected products but also an experience capable of making those moments of consumption in the company of make our friends and family memorable: Yantarte Moments.

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diseño branding yantarte
diseño branding tarjetas empresa
diseño branding logo y web yantarte


Víntegris, a leader in certified digital signatures, needed a branding architecture that conveyed the value of nebulaSUITE, its suite of products geared towards digital signatures.

The signature and digital signature management processes are perceived by users as complex and arcane tasks. I defined a clear, clear and open image for nebulaSUITE that conveyed security, transparency and professionalism.

Today, Vintegris is part of the Euronovate group and nebulaSUITE continues to maintain its visual identity, a sign of a job well done.

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interiores brochure vintegris

Rosicrucian Foundation

The Rosicrucian Foundation’s objective is the study and dissemination of Hermetic and Rosicrucian thought, as well as its influence on great thinkers and civilizing movements.

I was commissioned to carry out a rebranding and create a branding strategy with the aim of positioning it as the important player it had become.

Subsequently, the editions of books, the cycles of conferences and exhibitions —and the edition of their respective catalogs— were intensified, of which it is worth highlighting those carried out in the Arús library in Barcelona, in the Torre do Tombo and in the Palacio da Foz in Lisbon, the exhibitions and conference cycles in the cities of Tarascon-sus-Ariège and Toulouse, in France, as well as at the Ateneo de Barcelona, and at the University of Faro, in Portugal.

diseño branding bolsa fundación rosacruz
diseño portada y contrportada libro rene descartes
diseño portada y contrportada libro el hombre y la mujre
diseño portada y contrportada libro el renacimiento oculto
diseño portada y contrportada libro apolonio de tiana
diseño portada y contrportada del libro de Mirdad

The Rosycross Fundation

As a result of the creation of other entities equivalent to the Rosicrucian Foundation in Europe and America, The Rosycross Foundation was created as a place to exchange experiences, activities and study material on hermetic, cabalistic and Rosicrucian themes.

In the creation of its branding, I was guided and inspired by the legend of the “Spirit of Fez” for the creation of an open forum, in contact with academic, social and artistic institutions.

Its symbol represents a spark that connects human beings through a great network of thought exchange, also observing aspects of the science known as Sacred Geometry.

diseño logo rosycross foundations
diseño web the rosycross foundations
diseño portada y contraportada libro ars magna lucis
diseño portada libro ars magna lucis
diseño contraportada libro the rosycross foundations
diseño portada y contraportada libro ars magna lucis


Comicverso is a blog about comics, their works, their authors, publishers and other industry players.

As the person in charge of web design and communication, I was in charge of the creation and definition of the branding, creating from the naming to the graphic identity, the way in which the blog communicates with the different players in the industry, the strategy in social networks and its relationship with readers and, of course, the design of the blog itself.

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diseño branding comicverso
diseño branding comicverso

Lean School

It is a 360º educational digital platform with an innovative proposal, both for teachers and tutors and for students.

In addition to defining their branding, I created a series of characters that will accompany the students in their day to day, evolving and advancing according to their achievements.

To do this, I devised my own story and environment (worldbuilding) with elements oriented towards the gamification of the application, seeking a more immersive user experience.

diseño branding lean school

Branding is much more than a logo

Branding is much more than a logo, it is the relationship and emotional experience between the brand and its target. It is the aspirational proposal that we want a brand and a series of products and services to transmit. Branding is the expression of business philosophy.