Packaging Design
Cola Cao Despertachock




Little Budha


Communication in
point of sale
Island & linear

I carried out the entire creative process, from understanding the product and its operating dynamics, to defining and designing the way in which to communicate the promotion to consumers.

To do this, I created a storyboard and was inspired by comic-style illustrations that supported all the communication derived from this promotion, including the advertising spot.

Elements for the point of sale and illustrations

In addition to the packs, I also designed the communication elements at the point of sale such as: signage, a stopper, an island and other elements for the shelf.

In the illustration section, I made the comic-style illustrations and a version of the ball / gift in Photoshop, with vector information so that it could be scaled to large print formats.

diseño kiosco para packs colacao en tienda
diseño lineal para packs colacao en tienda
diseño comunicación gráfica cola cao
ilustración pelota-reloj para pack colacao
diseño publicidad para pack colacao

for the TV spot

The storyboard created not only guided communication at the point of sale, but also served as the basis for the advertising spot.