Editorial Design
Book “The Man and the Woman”


Editorial Fundación Rosacruz


Editorial Design
Cover page

Creativity and design for the cover and back cover of the book “The Man and the Woman” by Michel and Rose Marie Cohen, whose back cover tells us:

“Who has not dreamed, in the course of their existence, of a perfect collaboration between man and woman, with a love full of sweetness and understanding within marriage, with a fluid communication in which each could act freely, complementing each other? These expositions on the “man-woman” relationship will presumably surprise and question more than one reader, as they will lead them towards an absolutely new vision of love. Studying male and female figures at different levels, examining what they are made, their subtle goals, their deep motivations, this little book tries to understand the meaning, the reason for existing of man and woman. Two beings at the same time so different and so close! When they discover the essence of their true nature , which will lead to the awakening of their true Self, the man and the woman will then be able to collaborate in perfect harmony.”