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Editorial Design
Front page Design

In editorial design we have to find a balance between spaces, between what we tell and what we suggest.

When an editorial project is carried out from a museum, a foundation, an administrative entity, a company or a publisher, it must project, in addition to content, an identity that is recognizable in society and establish two-way communication channels with its target audience, so that as a recognizable whole.

Books and magazines can become objects of desire and enjoyment, which represents an enormous opportunity to carve out an emotional niche for consumers and users.

Logon Magazine

Logon is a quarterly publication on spirituality, art and consciousness that I design for the French publisher Éditions du Séptenaire.

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Géometrie Sacrée

Adaptation and redesign of pages of Jesús Zatón’s work into French for the Fondation Rose-croix.

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Edizioni Rosacruce

Branding and design of a book collection for Edizioni Rosacroce, Italy.

The design of the collection combines graphic elements belonging to the hermetic-alchemic-cabbalistic tradition…

…with abstract backgrounds that refer us to the abstract states of Consciousness and the subconscious nature of the human mind as a file/memory of Humanity.

Collections and branding architecture

Four collections with their respective image were created for the publishing house of the Rosicrucian Foundation.

Front page and cover design

In addition to devising the collections, I have also designed several covers for the different collections of this publisher.