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Graphic/Advertising Design

Defining all the means and supports that will put a brand in contact with its consumers and users is only the first part of the work. It is necessary to know how to maintain its identity and tone, making our brand consistent and recognizable at 360º.

A brochure is not the same as a sales folder or a catalog. Neither an exhibitor nor a stopper should be approached in the same way as an advertisement for a social network.

But all these elements must be unequivocally structured by our brand.

Corporate Brochures

A corporate brochure is not something that we can create from a template, without any intention.

It must be something unique and that, in addition to communicating the message for which it was created, transmits the values ​​of our brand in a differentiated, unique and singular way.

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diseño portada y contraportada brochure vintegris
interiores brochure vintegris
interior brochure vintegris

Product Brochures

In a product brochure we can delve into the presentation of a business opportunity, problems that our consumers may encounter or even changes in trends that point to changes in a sector.

All this with space, both physical and visual, to inspire, raise awareness and inform, supported by images, illustrations, messages, metrics, graphics, etc.

diseño brochure productos vintegris
diseño brochure productos vintegris
diseño brochure productos vintegris
diseño brochure productos vintegris

Product Sheets

Product sheets are a very agile material and close to a product or service, facilitating its rapid identification and location in a company’s portfolio of solutions.

They offer excellent sales and conversion support, focusing the customer’s attention on the solutions they need.

diseño datasheet vintegres
diseño datasheet vintegres

Sales Folders

Sales folders offer vital information about a product or service, its benefits and the business opportunities they aspire to respond to.

They guide the commercial force of a company and its distributors and collaborators towards their objectives with greater security, supported by powerful visual arguments, graphics and metrics.

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diseño triptico brekkies
diseño comunicación brekkies

Communication at the point of sale

At the point of sale, every image and every second counts. The message must be direct, the intention clear and the visual striking.

The competition always plays with a different deck and the designer’s job is to offer his client the most powerful deck.

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diseño lineal para packs colacao en tienda
diseño kiosco para packs colacao en tienda
diseño publicidad para pack colacao
diseño comunicación gráfica cola cao


A well-designed (and well-printed) catalog can make a sale.

Designing a catalog is not simply displaying a range of products. Throughout its pages, we must know how to transmit a series of values ​​that have been defined in the branding strategy and in the marketing strategy of a company. Planning is needed, a clear objective.

The coherence between what we say we offer and what we offer must be maximum.

diseño portada catálogo astra
diseño catálogo venilia
diseño interior catálogo venilia kids
diseño catálogo venilia kids
diseño catálogo presentación comicverso