Mercadona SupermarketsPackaging Designs




Photo retouching
Final arts management

Mercadona supermarkets is one of the largest Spanish distribution companies. I have participated in several projects for different studios in which I have designed the packaging of all kinds of products.


Packaging proposal for fat-free chips. Through a premium approach and typographical work, this design communicates all the benefits and messages that the client demanded in a clear and forceful way.

In addition, the design stood out from the other proposals from the competition and from Mercadona itself, making it clearly recognizable as a differentiated proposal on the shelf.

NFS,alimentos en spray

Packaging proposals for a new range of prepared foods in spray. The brief requested proposals “with a premium air, but without straying too far from the Hacendado brand”.

I defined the typography, the range of colors and a minimalist treatment that conveyed confidence, despite its novel character, avoiding doubts for the consumer on the shelf.

Freeze Dried fruits

Packaging proposals for a new product, exploring different routes: urban (Fruit GO!), technical (Freeze-Dried Strawberry or Pineapple) and playful/children’s (Space Snack).

Soluble Ground Oats

Altran asked me to design the packaging for a new soluble product for instant preparation based on ground oats.

I carried out the integral management of the project, from the sketches and their presentation to the final art and its development in different formats and sizes.