Packaging Design




Packaging Design

On a shelf, dozens of products compete for the attention of consumers. Each of them has a few seconds of your attention.

An effective packaging design must convey to the consumer an emotional experience where all their aspirations are met.

Gallina Blanca

In the brief for the redesign of Ideas al Plato, a clear intention was established to raise the consumer’s perception of the product, bringing it closer to a more gourmet territory.

Iin addition to designing packaging proposals, I also designed naming proposals accompanied by new logos, with typographic created by me.

Farggi Gourment's

I participated in the design team of Farggi’s Gourmet’s line for the Little Buddha agency.

My proposals were aimed at expressing the texture and the plurality of its flavors through very careful still lifes, suggestive and appetizing backgrounds, and a careful color range where the ingredients and flavors were the protagonists.

The abundance of colors, textures and nuances contributed to convey a sensation of a wide and luminous range of flavors, taken care of down to the smallest detail and a certain touch of exclusivity.

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ColaCao Despertachock

For this project for ColaCao (Nutrexpa), I carried out the entire creative process, from understanding the product and its working dynamics, to defining and ideating the way in which to communicate the promotion to consumers.

To do this, I created a storyboard and was inspired by comic-style illustrations that were the backbone of all the communication derived from this promotion, including the advertising spot.

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Font Vella

Transmitting a message of well-being for a female audience, in the new packaging design for Font Vella, my work consisted of the idea of associating the consumption of Font Vella with physical and introspective activities that would inspire care for physical health and vitality and also the mind.

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Promotional packs and adaptations

In addition to designing packaging from scratch, I also design promotional packs, adaptations and associated elements such as promotional or packaging boxes following the guidelines, manuals and style and branding guides.

White label packaging

I have extensive experience in packaging design for white labels, having carried out several projects for companies such as the Carrefour group, Día Supermarkets, El Corte Inglés Supermarket or Mercadona.

Due to this, I know perfectly the specific needs of the sector, both for the Spanish market and for the international market as well.

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