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Before photography, typography and, of course, before the alphabet, drawing and illustrating were the sovereign forms of graphic communication.
From cave paintings and hieroglyphics in our temples, to our modern encyclopedias, magazines, video games and websites, humanity has relied on illustrations to make their stories more vivid and memorable.

Illustrations, graphics and infographics enhance our brand and its communication elements, establishing aspirational and emotional relationships with its target audience, enriching each project to the appropriate extent.

Posters for the Municipal School of Music

I designed three posters for the cycle of children’s activities on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Blai Net Municipal School of Music in Sant Boi de Llobregat.

Each poster featured illustrated characters in different styles, depending on the concert to be held: collage, origami, or line drawing.

Ilustración carteles escuela de música

Advertising illustration

Despertachock was the gift toy of a promotion in a pack of Cola Cao.

As the person in charge of the design of the pack and the promotional material, I made the decision to do it in a vector illustration in Photoshop, after taking several photographs of the object and seeing that the result was not what I wanted.

In this way, I ensured that the visual result presented total consistency between what consumers would see in the pack and in the promotional materials.

I achieved total quality, in large format and signage, which gave me absolute control over the appearance of the product in all media.

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Ilustración pelota cola cao

Characters for App

Creation of characters for an app aimed at accompanying the school progress of students between 7 and 12 years old.

ilustración web lean school

Characters Pomoruna APP

Personal project for an app on time management for remote workers or for students that combines the well-known Pomodoro method with the Japanese daruma technique.

ilustración personales pomoruna
ilustración personales pomoruna
ilustración personajes pomoruna
ilustración personales pomoruna

Digital Collages

Series of digital collages created for a book of meditations called Méditations, by Éditions du Séptenaire.

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Mascotes are an excellent way to connect with consumers and users, establishing bonds that can last a lifetime.

Contrary to what many think, they are not something exclusive to children’s products. And to sample one of the best known, Bibendum, by Michelin.

Ilustración personaje kárate
ilustración mascota waterpolo


Sometimes we need to make manuals and presentations lighter and more enjoyable. In others, we need characters for editorial products, or we want to carry out marketing actions or better explain a range of products or services.

It may also be the case that we want to connect with different age groups, different cultures or different ways of being of our consumers and users.

In any case, creating characters for these and other cases can be a response that is not only appropriate, but also highly recommended.

Knowing how to use characters to tell a story, making it more attractive or understandable, for example, can tip the balance towards the choice of a product or service by the consumer or user.

ilustración expresiones personajes
ilustración expresiones personajes

Creation of characters for comics

I offer character creation services for projects related to the world of comics. How about presenting the child care services of a dental clinic through a comic? Or make a visit to a museum an entertaining game for parents and children?

Ilustración personaje comic

Icon and graphic design

These are some of the icons, graphics and symbols that I have created for nebulaSUITE and its communication elements. The care of the communication elements of a company denotes its degree of attention to all the details of its products and services and is also part of its branding.