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Comicverso is a blog about comics, their works, their authors, publishers and other industry players.

As the person in charge of web design and communication, I was in charge of the creation and definition of the branding, creating from the naming to the graphic identity, the way in which the blog communicates with the different players in the industry, the strategy in social networks and its relationship with readers and, of course, the design of the blog itself.


We are the first in Google, ahead of older blogs.
We have far exceeded our goal of reaching 10,000 page views per month in the first year


visited pagesa month


lowbounce rate

Comicverso is

#1 on Google

Top search results for “comic blog” and “comic reviews”.

A web design proposal

powerful and attractive visual

A web design inspired by the best fanzines to fully enjoy the ninth art.

In his first year he surpassed

70,000 page views per month

Against the initial goal of 10,000 page views/month. A growth of more than 500%.

In less than a year, our

growth in Facebook was +900%

Every month we reach almost 100,000 users and 50,000 interactions.

Web Colors

Power Redverse



Web Typography

Roboto Slab Bold


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Open Sans Regular


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Headers comiqueros

From the beginning, the graphic aspect of Comicverso was fundamental. The comic is an eminently hyperbolic medium and I have tried to give the blog a clear visual vocation.

Merchandising& Comunicación

In addition to the design of the web page, designs for merchandising and also a brochure presenting the project were created to be sent to publishers, authors, etc.